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How to export notes for Contacts that belong to a group and were changed in the last day
Posted by on 28 March 2014 10:28 AM

This article can be applied not only to notes, but also to histories and activities. Notes are taken as an example.

The Professional edition of the Export is required to use Dates filter.

To fulfill this task two Exporters have to be present in the Export schema: Contacts and Notes. The Contacts exporter takes care of filtering out contacts that do not belong to specified groups using the Group filter:

Contacts Settings

To filter exported contacts and notes, the Modify Date filter must be set to a required value. When a note is created or edited, the contact's edit date is also automatically updated.

To filter notes, the "Export only those child entities, that belong to exported parents" checkbox must be checked in the Notes exporter settings.


Schema Settings

To make the Notes exporter use the date filter, the "Apply Date Filters" checkbox must be checked:

Notes Settings

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