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Export of Notes/History/Activities/Opportunties does not include the Contact/Company
Posted by on 05 January 2013 01:10 PM

When exporting sub-tables (e.g.: Notes, History, Activities, etc) ACT! has no Company Name / Contact Name Stored in the related Table.

ACT! stores a UID (Unique Identity) for the Company or for the Contact. If you want to merge the data you must export the Company or the Contact first, this will export also the UID for each specific Record

Then you can merge the data  (Company Records containing the Company Name, and the UID, or Contact Records containing the Contact and the UID) and the Export of the sub-table using the UID

The reason this is done is because you could have several Records with the same Company or Contact Name and using the UID instead of the Name makes sure that you have the right Record

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