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For online presentations, training and support we use TeamViewer [], AnyDesk [] and PCVisit [] tools. TEAMVIEWER ONLINE PRESENTATION AND TRAINING For training and pre...
Please refer to the table below for the versions of _Office_ supported by each version of Act! (ACT! 2005 through Sage ACT! 2013), and Act! v16 through Act! v18 by Swiftpage. ACT! VERSION SUPPORTED MICROSOFT OFFICE VERSION Act! v18 2007, 2010 (3...
In general it´s recommended to install Handheld Contact on the same Server as the Act! Database but this is not always possible. In this article we will give you an idea on how to install HHC on not the database server. The main installation does not re...
How to check your act SQL version. You can check your SQL version for Act! just by open the actdiag window. Just search for "actdiag" at the windows search line. Then a windows appears wich show you the SQL Server Edition.
Uninstalling View Agent fails with the error: Agent installation can't continue. An Active View Client Session has been detected (2004505) In such case, you'll experience the following symptoms: * It's not possible to uninstall the View Agent * Up...
TEAMVIEWER SUPPORT FOR YOUR MOBILE DEVICE Our support team is able to connect to your mobile device if it uses Android, iOS or Windows 10 as an operating system.  For this purpose, please install TeamViewer QuickSupport [